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Cold Entrees
  • Iced Gaspacho of Sweet Peppers with Celery Salt, Cucumber Granita
  • Charcuterie board, as selected by us
    Large : 24.00€ - Small : 12.00€
  • Soft boiled egg with Black Radish Cream, Chizo Leaf, Parmesan sticks
  • Our Traditional Tomatoes, Buffalo Mozzarella with Dark Opal Basil, Crispi de Parmesan
  • Semi-cooked terrine of Duck Foie gras, White Peach jam, shards of chocolate mendiants
  • Cracked Crab Claws, Creamy Avocado with Coriander, Acidulated Vinaigrette
  • Oslo-style Smoked salmon, le Touquet browned potatoes, Combawa cream
  • Patta Negra ripened to 36 months, bitter rocket with Virgin Olive Oil
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Hot Entrees
  • Burgundy Snails with Parsley Butter and Pink Garlic
    Per 12 : 24.00€ - Per 6 : 14.00€
  • Pan-fried Duck Foie gras, Watermelon Minestrone with Cinnamon, Purslane, Sesame biscuit
  • Ravioli of Scampi in a Reduced Broth, Iodised Crustacean Emulsion
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Meat Dishes
  • Daily special
    Served only at lunch
  • Beef Tartare with knife, Pickled condiments, Fresh Home-style Fries
  • Golden Chicken from Landes, Caillette with Garden Herbs, Artichoke from Barigoule, Olive
  • Rack of Roasted Lamb, Provençal Zucchini Stew, Basil Crumble, Rosemary Sauce
  • Filet of Limousin beef, Crumbly potatoes with herbs, Madagascar Pepper Sauce
  • Fried Side of Veal, Young Leeks and Frosted Apricots, Half-salted Charlotte, Reduced sauce
  • "Black Angus" Whole Rib of Beef
    (2 people), Confites potatoes, Creamy Sauce
  • "Business" Lunch Menu
    Amuse Bouche + Daily Special + Glass of Wine (150 ml):
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Depending upon market
  • Royal Bream, cooked on one side, Green Asparagus Spears and Zucchini, Saffron Broth
  • Pearly Cod, Eggplant Caviar, Crunchy Fennel, Honey Blue Poppy-seed biscuit, Yuzu
  • Sole Meunière 500 grams, Pan-fried green vegetables, Lemon butter
  • Semi-cooked Swordfish Cutlet, Roman carrots and Sweet peas, Pequillos Reduction
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  • Mix of Green Beans, Baby Lettuce, Egg with mustard seeds, Gourmet peas, Sweet peppers, Cucumber with salt, Old Sherry vinaigrette
  • Salad Mix with Chicken Breast marinated with Balsamic Vinegar
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Cheeses and Desserts
  • Saint Nectaire Cheese, or Fruity Comté aged to 20 months
  • Tome of Jura Cheese with Mountain Flowers
  • Gourmet coffee: 3 sides of the day, Diamond Biscuit, Financier cakes
  • Brown sugar Crème Brulée with Vanilla Pods from Tahiti
  • Sablé Breton Biscuit with Red Fruits, Light Cream, White Chocolate Ice Cream
  • Bitter Cuban Cocoa Fondant with a "Soft Centre", Mango Sorbet
  • Pineapple raspberry and Exotic Fruits Brunoise with Lemongrass, sweet almond Sorbet
  • Serve of sorbet or ice cream "Berthillon ": 3 Flavours, depending upon Selection
  • Crunchy Meringue, Strawberry Peppermint Marmalade, Whipped Cream Bourbon
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Menu « Capucines » - 70.00€
  • Comté Cheese cream, shallot, served with heads of cauliflowerand a broken egg on the top
  • Duck breast of Landes(Moors) dressed with bitter orange, served with small potatoes, oyster mushrooms with herbs
  • Back of Cod, creamy risotto perfumed with saffron, served with a tomato lemon sauce and some vegetables scoops
  • Catalan cream in the Grand Marnier (crème brûlée)
  • Terrine of beef chuck with vegetables, cream of Wasabi
  • Bitter cocoa of Cuba mousse served with compote of pineapple
  • One bottle of wine for three people
  • Bordeaux Rouge Beaumaine 2013 de la maison Dourhte
  • One bottle of mineral water for two people - Evian, Badoit
  • Côtes du Rhône Blanc Chanteclerc 2014 de Georges Duboeuf
  • Café Pur Salvador de la Maison « Loni », mini financier
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Menu Le « J » de Jalles - 55.00€
  • Vegetables scoops soup, salt of celery, thin slices of dried beef
  • 6 Snails in the Parsley butter with Garlic Rose
  • Roasted Goat cheese perfumed with lavender honey, crunchy chips of Parma ham
  • Roasted rump steak, sauted potatoes with herbs, pepper sauce of Madagascar
  • Supreme of Poultry, polenta perfumed with black olives, dressed with a gravy with thyme
  • Crumble of apples " Pink Lady " perfumed with star anise, stick of cinnamon
  • Fruit salad in the citronella
  • Bordeaux Rouge Beaumaine 2013 - Côtes du Rhône Blanc Chanteclerc 2013
  • Mineral water : Evian, Badoit
  • One bottle of wine and water for 4 people
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Menu « Vendôme » - 85.00€
  • Twelve Snails dressed with butter perfumed with flat-leaved parsley and rose garlic
  • Duck foie gras semi-cooked in a liqueur of flower, bread with walnut “Eric Kayser”
  • Organic Scotland Salmon, the French-style peas, emulsion of smoked tea
  • Chuck of Veal confit (7 hours), mashed potatoes with some crack of truffles(noses)
  • Chocolate fondant served with vanilla cream Bourbon
  • Pear poached with spices and red wine, whipped cream perfumed with mascarpone
  • One bottle of wine for three people
  • Médoc Rouge Les terrasses de la Jalle 2011 de la maison Dourhte
  • Côte du Rhône Chanteclerc 2014 de Georges Duboeuf
  • Une bouteille d’eaux minérale pour deux personnes Evian, Badoit
  • Café Pur Salvador de la Maison « Loni », mini financier
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Menu « Opéra » - 120.00€
  • A Glass of champagne Duck Duchêne Cuvée Léonie with appetizer
  • Glass cup of confit tomatoes, Quenelle of soft goat cheese
  • Madeleine salted in the Parmesan cheese of Modena
  • Ravioli of duck foie gras poached in a chicken broth, big ceps dressed with oil of hazelnut
  • Scampis refreshed in olive oil, the tabbouleh of Quinoa, vinaigrette of lobster
  • Rack of lamb of Lozère roasted in the thyme, served with tomatoes, zucchinis and eggplants, dressed with a juice reduced and perfumed with rosemary
  • Café Pur Salvador de la Maison « Loni », mini financier
  • John Dory fish filet caramelized in the soya, creamy polenta perfumed with vanilla, served with wild asparaguses
  • One bottle of wine for two people
  • Ice creams and Sherbets from " Berthillon ", Almond biscuits Chocolate, praline, grapefruits,figus, black sesame
  • Médoc Rouge Les terrasses de la Jalle 2011 de la maison Dourhte
  • Pineapple roasted in the thyme and singed in Malibu, pina colada ice cream
  • One bottle of wine for two people - Evian, Badoit
  • Sancerre du Domaine Laporte 2014
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Buffet Cocktail 18 pièces ! - 75.00€
Cocktail dînatoire servi pour un Minimum de 20 convives ! Durée 1h30 … servi au salon du 1er étage Peut être dégusté du bout des doigts ..ou sur assiette Peut être servi au comptoir ou au passage au plateau
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Pièces salées chaudes ( 5 )
  • Bonbon d’agneau de Lozère aux épices douces
  • Croque Madame au saumon fumé, crème d’aneth
  • Madeleine au parmesan de Modène
  • Croque Monsieur au Comté fruité
  • Pastilla de Brousse au curry, méli mélo de jeunes pousses
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Pièces sucrées (4)
  • Financier à la Pistache
  • Mini Éclairs Assortis : Chocolat, café, vanille, violette
  • Brochettes de fruits frais, sauce cacao
  • Cannelé au Vieux Rhum
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Boissons et Vins
  • Eaux minérales calme et agitée (1 pour 4)
  • Coca Cola, Limonade, Schweppes, Jus d’Orange (1 pour 10)
  • Bordeaux Rouge Beaumaine 2013 (1 pour 6)
  • Whisky Ballantines (1 pour 10)
  • Service - 1 chef de rang pour 30 convives / 1 Motif de Décoration Floral
  • Champagne Canard Duchêne Cuvée Léonie (1 pour 5)
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Pièces Salées froides ( 9 )
  • Brochette de tomate et mozarella “di buffala “ au pistou
  • Roulé de saumon d’Écosse au boursin ail et fines herbes
  • Tartare de thon rouge au gingembre confit au wasabi
  • Domino de pain d’épices au Foie Gras de canard à la fleur de Sel
  • Chiffonnade de jambon de Parme mûri 18 mois aux figues
  • Niçoise de légumes provençaux à la fleur de thym
  • Choux farçis aux tourteaux et guacamole d’avocats
  • Pétales de tomates “ Romaine “ confite au chèvre frais
  • Minestrone de crevettes roses, mayonnaise citronnée